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Our USBPatcher Server provides services to unlock, bypass... for iDevice, Android..

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We have all services, solutions for iOS Unlocking, Bypass Passcode, iCloud, Read info via DFU mode!. Very good service price for reseller, our system is full support GsmHub, DHRU, Instant API.

Làm thế nào để vào nhóm Reseller?

Bạn cần nạp tối thiếu 500USD/1 lần,  Lãi sẽ tăng thêm từ 2-15USD hoặc 5-20% (tùy dịch vụ) so với giá người dùng.
Lưu ý: Tài khoản trên USBPatcher được dùng trên WEB sẽ không hoàn lại BANK.

How to join the Reseller group?

You need to deposit at least 500USD once, Interest will increase from 2-15USD or 5-20% (depending on service) compared to End-User price and Store price.

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Absolutely Safe

Completely safe, with no risk to your phone or hardware. No software downloads are required. Alongside unlocks, your money are completely secure as well.

Unbeatable Price Guarantee

We offer the lowest prices with the most reliable services one can easily trust. Whatever price you are currently paying, we will MEET or BEAT any competitors' price

24/7 Reliable Support

We really make a difference in providing support to our customers. We ensure the availability of our staff, 24x7. E-mail, Live Chat, or Text Message, we're here to help.

Permanent Factory Unlock

Official Factory Unlock for any iPhone, regardless of iOS version, Baseband version or model. Permanent Hassle free Factory unlock your iPhone without voiding warranty or difficult procedures. No need to run any complicated software's.

Money Back Guarantee

All of the services on our websites are covered by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. We provide such a guarantee to give honest customers the reassurance that the unlock service they are ordering will be delivered in good faith.

Expeditious Delivery

All unlock codes and unlock confirmations are sent by e-mail to the e-mail address that the customer provides on the order form. We make sure the delivery of unlock codes is time-efficient. If delayed, we'll inform our clients / resellers via e-mail.

Features you'll love

Complete iOS, iPhone, iPad Solution

We have all services, solutions for iOS Unlocking, Bypass Passcode, iCloud, Read info via DFU mode...

Bypass Passcode, Hello Screen All iPhone, iPad - iOS 14,15,16

Hide iCloud iPhone, iPad Chip A9-A11 - iOS 14, 15, 16

Read Wifi, Bluetooth Address iPhone, iPad Chip A9-A11 - iOS 14, 15, 16

Read Phone Number, ID Apple iPhone, iPad Chip A9-A11 - iOS 14, 15, 16

For Reseller: Orders completed instantly, Full support GsmHub, DHRU, Instant API.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the basic types of questions for our customers. For more
information please contact us.


How does it work?

The easiest way to use your mobile phone with any other GSM network provider without any restrictions is to take off the sim-lock. So we provide you many services like Unlock via IMEI, File Service and Server Logs to fulfill your business needs

As a whole seller you have a large volume of IMEIs to unlock, we facilitate you to manage you codes and provide easy tools to manipulate your data like bulk entry for you IMEI's and to download them as csv/txt file.